Tender Period

The drawings will also be issued to building department at this stage for building permit. Once we submit the tender documents for tender (tender period) we will assist, as required,inrespond and evaluating the tender document and clarifying any issues to the contractors through addendums. We are allowing one walk-though meeting with the contractors to generally explain the scope of work to them.
Furthermore, as part of tender documents, we usually prepare a Mechanical & Electrical Supplementary Tender form and ask the contractors to mandatory fill the forms. This package includes M&E Equipment List which list all equipment manufacturers upon which the Tender is to be based. The tendered price shall include all base bid products and where base bid is not used, the contractor shall identify any proposed alternative supplier and show the deduction to be subtracted from the tender price, should the alternative be accepted by the owner. The supplementary tender form also includes Itemized, Alternate, and Separate Prices, as well as Unit prices, Cash Allowances, and list of sub-
After tendering the project and upon receiving the result from bidders, we will assist help the client’s purchasing department and thoroughly review each contractor’s bid document to ensure all their submittal are as per requested criteria in front end document and specifications.

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